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Tiling Contractor

Tiling Contractor

 We will work alongside construction companies to deliver excellent quality tiling, bathroom fit-outs and kitchen fit-outs in a quick and efficient manner.


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Tiling Contractor

Finding the right tiling contractor can sometimes be difficult for construction companies.
We are proud to have worked alongside some of Ireland’s most prestigious companies and brands, producing some of our finest work to date.

We have worked with brands such as Puma, Wetherspoons, Costcutter, L’Occitane, and Mulberry in the past, installing tiles and providing full bathroom and kitchen fitouts. our expert team will make sure every part of the project from the initial consultation phase to the completion phase run smoothly.

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Commercial Tiling

Tile Installer

One-Stop Solution for Your Renovation Needs: 


We offer bathroom and kitchen fit-out services due to the versatility of our professional talent pool which includes tilers, carpenters, plumbers, plasterers, painters, and electricians, meaning we can handle everything from tiling installation to full fit out work, eliminating the need to hire multiple contractors.

Seamless Coordination: when you choose to work with us, you can ensure seamless coordination between different aspects of your contract resulting in fewer delays, improved efficiency, and a smoother overall process.

Upgrade your floors, walls, and beyond with our exceptional tiling services.

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Commercial Tiling

Nominated Subcontractor

Tiling Installation and Repair
Whether you're looking to install new tiles or repair existing ones, our tilers will undertake whatever needs to be done with the utmost professionalism and efficiency. From floors to walls and backsplashes, we have the expertise to ensure precise and high-quality tiling work.

Plumbing and Electrical Work
As part of our fit-out services, our plumbers and electricians can take care of vital plumbing and electrical work in bathrooms and kitchens. We can install new fixtures, repair leaks, upgrade wiring, and ensure everything is up to the highest standard, always adhering to the building authority regulations.

Cabinetry and Countertop Installation
Our carpenters will work closely with you to choose the right materials, design custom layouts, and provide seamless integration with the other contractual work that is being undertaken by the rest of our crew at that time.

Lighting and Ventilation
Proper lighting and ventilation are crucial for any bathroom or kitchen. With our specialist fit-out expertise, we can install and optimise lighting fixtures, ventilation systems, and exhaust fans to create an oasis.


Custom Design and Styling
Our professional painters understand the importance of personalization. They can work with you to create custom designs and select the right tiles, colours, patterns, and finishes to match your vision and style preferences.

Commercial Tiling is your one-stop fit-out service specialising in kitchen fit-outs and bathroom fit-outs, so whether your hotel needs an upgrade or a housing estate that needs quick and efficient service, we have you covered.

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